Hong Kong New Way Training Method

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Hong Kong new way English Method
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Hong Kong New Way methodology ensures that courses are highly practical, and fully involve the participants, who engage in meaningful quasi-authentic tasks that reflect communicative demands of every day work situations. A variety of interactive team activities such as role plays, problem-solving activities and personalized speaking tasks are used to help build communicative competence and skills. HKNW uses a task-based approach to gauge needs and reinforce learning, and language points are taught via guided discovery. Learner autonomy is developed to ensure continued improvement. We adapt teaching methods to cater to different learner types to maximize learning and achieve aims.

Learner-centered approach

It is essential that the participants enjoy the training and are able to direct their own learning. To support this, on-going feedback and reflection are central to HKNW courses. Lessons are participatory and learner-centered which means that the trainers facilitate learning and support participants as they discover the structure and use of English. Trainers help participants develop strategies for studying and enhancing their skills outside class hours. They set self-study tasks for the participants throughout the course of the training.

Hong Kong New Way Training Method
Customized Course Workshops

Hong Kong New Way workshops equip your teams with skills and techniques for immediate practical use. Communicative methodology allows our trainers to tailor courses to the client’s requirements; therefore, the curriculum can be altered to suit your needs after an initial goal and language assessment. Courses are designed and customized to support the needs and interests of our clients and the requirements of their companies.

Sample courses include:
  • Business Culture (4 hours)
  • Business Interview Skills (8 hours)
  • Business Management & Human Resources (6 hours)
  • Business International English (12 hours)
  • Business Presentation Skills (16 hours)
  • Listening for Professionals (4 hours)
  • Pronunciation - Accent Reduction (6 hours)
  • Email writing (12 hours)
  • English Report writing (6 hours)
  • Managing Meetings (6 hours)
  • Intercultural Communication (12 hours)

Workshops are suitable for all industries are best for employees with at least an intermediate language level. Training is normally delivered over two or three days a week, with up to 20 participants. Together, the courses form a Business English Communication Skills course of 120 hours / six weeks.

Hong Kong new way English method

Measuring Progress

Prior to classes commencing, all learners will take a language assessment. Language learning objectives will be established by our trainers in cooperation with learners and their supervisors. Learners are continually evaluated on their progress to make sure objectives are being met. At the end of the course, each learner (and their supervisor) will receive a comprehensive progress report. Progress is evaluated by the trainer in various ways, which may consist of: e-learning assessments, group projects, presentations, written assignments, exams, etc.

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